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Public Class Schedule - See below for class details and descriptions

Class Details

10:15-11:30am, Align & Flow Yoga @ CITYOGA

11:35-11:50am, Pranayama & Meditation @ CITYOGA (free)

6:00-7:15pm, Deep Stress Relief Yoga @ Nourish Wellness

11:00am-12:00pm, Align and Flow @ CITYOGA

8:30-9:45am, Align and Flow @ Nourish Wellness

Occasional Yoga Playground Class(Intermediate/Advanced), 2:00-4:30pm
Location varies between Nourish Wellness and CITYOGA

2442 Central Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Nourish Wellness (CITYOGA's 2nd Studio)
826 W 64th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260
(64th and Hoover Rd)

www.cityoga.biz for both studios
Different pricing options available, check with the studio

Class Descriptions

Align & Flow Yoga (All Levels)
The Align & Flow yoga flow class provides a pulsation of flowing movement and empowering alignment instructions, woven together with inspiring themes to help you deeply integrate your body, mind, and heart. In these classes, you will empower and expand your yoga practice by refining the poses you know while working toward more challenging poses in a supportive environment. Classes include centering, flowing sequences, working toward a pinnacle pose(s), cool down, savasana, and closing. Adjustments, demonstrations, and/or partner work may be offered to help expand your understanding of the poses. Come empower and evolve your yoga practice!

Pranayama & Meditation
Enjoy this exploration of various breathing techniques and short meditations. These mindfulness practices are great before or after you take a yoga class. Session is free.

Deep Stress Relief Yoga (All Levels)
The Deep Stress Relief Yoga class starts out with centering and 20 to 30 minutes of slow flow, pulsing between alignment and flowing movement to warm the body and create deeper connection of breath and body. The class then transitions to incorporating tools and practices of yoga beyond traditional asanas (poses), such as pranayama (breathing techniques), restorative yoga poses (poses held for longer periods of time in a supported way, often using props), visualization, different meditation techniques, and a deep savasana or other final restorative pose. This class will help you to create a deep soul connection and will leave you feeling rejuvenated on all levels. This is perfect for new and long-time students that want to go deeper into their yoga practice, those that want a break from more intensive classes to restore and rejuvenate, and those that want to engage in their lives in a new way. Adjustments may be offered to help deepen the poses.

Yoga Playground (Intermediate/Advanced Practice Class)
Playground: “A place where a particular group of people choose to enjoy themselves.” Def. 1.1. Oxford Dictionary of English, 3rd Ed. 2010. Print.
Gather with others for this extended intermediate/advanced class to take your practice to the next level and have fun! Laura will practice with the group as she skillfully leads everyone through a strong and playful series of poses. Each class will have a different focus and will explore some more intermediate/advanced poses such as deeper backbends, inversions, hip openers, arm balances, and more complex standing poses, with inspiration drawn from yoga texts, mythology, and personal experiences. Some partner work may be involved to help each other go deeper into poses. A little time will be allotted for other yoga practices such as pranayama, mantra, mudra, and/or meditation.

Pre-requisites: Students should have a working understanding of alignment, be able to kick up to handstand at the wall, and press up to full wheel on their own. No injuries please.

Class Etiquette and Other Class Information

  • Please arrive at least a few minutes before the start of class, so that you are not rushed and so that you do not disrupt class once it has started.  If you do arrive late, enter as quietly as possible, take a seat in the back until the time of centering is completed, and we will make space in the class for you once we get moving.
  • If it is your first class at a studio, please allow for extra time to sign waiver forms, select payment, etc.
  • Please turn off cell phones before entering the studio.
  • Please be respectful of classes before and/or after your class.
  • Try to avoid wearing heavy scents as they may bother others.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows for full range of movement.
  • No need for shoes or socks - practice is best in bare feet!
  • Mats - most studios have mats that can be rented or borrowed, but it if you think you will stick with yoga, it is recommended to have your own mat.  There are a wide variety of mats and price ranges.  I can assist you if you would like.
  • Don't hold your breath!  Sometime we get into challenging poses and clench or teeth and hold our breath - if you catch yourself doing this, smile and remind yourself to keep breathing.
  • If you are in pain, back off and call me over for assistance.  Yoga can be challenging put it shouldn't cause sharp or stabbing pain when done in alignment.
  • I come around and give verbal and/or physical adjustments throughout class - this doesn't necessarily mean that you are doing something "wrong".  I just try to enhance the beauty that is already shining out from your poses and sometimes the adjustments just feel good!
  • Above all, remember to honor yourself, all those around you, and the greater energy that supports you!